The Child'Space method based on theory of Moshe Feldenkrais, is aimed at working with children from birth to the independent walking. The focus on learning and expanding functional opportunities makes the Child'Space method applicable and effective in working with children with different developmental delays and special needs. The author of the method – Chava Shelhav was one of the first 13 students of Dr.Moshe Feldenkrais, and has been an educational director for 30 four-year Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in Israel, Germany, the United States and the UK. She is the head of the Feldenkraiszentrum in Germany, which trains the Feldenkrais practitioners. Currently she is also a director of the Child'Space method professional training programs in Israel, Germany, US, Netherlands and Japan. She has a private practice in Tel-Aviv.
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The main trainer of the program in St. Petersburg is Yael Calif, who has been the closest assistant of Chava Shelhav for many years. Currently, Yael is a director of a separate Child'Space program. In her practice Yael focuses on working with special needs children.

The program in St. Petersburg is an international Child'Space program and it has an extra focus on special needs children. Students need to spend more time watching the work with special needs children. The integral parts of the training program are the lectures given by experts on child psychology, neural development and other related topics.

What the participation in the training program will give

The program consists of theoretical and practical parts. The students have the opportunity to watch Yael working with children with and without special needs, take part in movement lessons DME and work in pairs. The movement lessons allow the adults to feel the movements, which children experiences in course of their development. At the end of each training day there is time for questions and answers, and discussion of the difficulties that may arise during the day. There are also practical sessions, during which students work with children under the supervision of the trainer and assistants. The video of the training, webinars and online counseling allows the students to repeat the material and maintain the contacts with the trainers and each other in between the training segments.

Who is this training program aimed at?

We admit specialists, who are already working or going to work with the small children and with children with special needs – Feldenkrais practitioners, physiotherapists, sensory integration specialists, psychologists, social workers, early intervention specialists, volunteers, etc., as well as the parents of babies and special needs children.


You are welcome to visit us as a guest for a one day free of charge.
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Training Program Schedule:
The planned duration of the program is 42 days / 4 segments. Each day consists of 6,5 hours of training, including practical sessions.

*Third segment: August 16-30, 2018

*Fourth segment: March 3-11, 2019

More about Child'Space method:

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In 1980 Yael started her career as a senior physical education teacher in Telma Yellin High School for the Arts, Israel. She worked there for 30 years.

In 1990 Yael started to study the Feldenkrais method at the Feldenkrais Institute in Israel and in 1994 she received her certification as a Feldenkrais Practitioner from the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF).

Up to date, Yael A. Calif continues to teach many classes and treats adults, teenagers, children and infants in the Feldenkrais method.
During her teaching and interaction with school age children Yael noticed many students with physical limitations who suffered from low self-esteem and lack of motivation. It occurred to Yael that the proper intervention at a young age could have prevented their future difficulties. This experience motivated her to start studying in 2005 the Child'Space method with Dr. Chava Shelhav who developed this unique method of senso-motor feedback to help infants and young children with their physical development.

After finishing her studies of the "Child Space" method Yael began to teach it helping parents and their babies – both infants with normal development and infants with developmental delays. She believes that it is crucial to make sure that children develop their optimal motor skills from birth.

In 2007 Yael became a senior assistant to Dr. Chava Shelhav who ran her Child'Space training programs in three facilities: Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, the Beit Issie Shapiro Rehabilitation Center, in Tel Aviv and the Wingate Institute.

Yael taught all together nine training-programs with Dr. Shelhav.
In 2015 Yael was authorized by Dr. Shelhav to be an independent trainer, overseeing new trainees in the Child Space method in Israel and in other parts of the world. Since then Yael established two training programs in Haifa- Israel. She is currently managing a training program in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Child'Space method is based on several important principles that meet Yael's believes, in particular:

- Children can best improve their skills when they are actively engaged in experimental learning through play and enjoyable activities.

- Creating a happy and positive environment where children can experience success and satisfaction. They are encouraged to acknowledge what they can already do and be motivated to improve their motor skills even more.

Over years Yael specializes in working with infants and young children with special needs. She also trains their parents to carry over what they learn to their home environment and many parents report great success. Yael integrates her expertise in working with special

Osnat Morag

In 1985 Osnat began her professional career as a Science Teacher. This field of science includes among others, the human body and its functioning, the subject that interested her very much. In her capacity as a school teacher, Osnat worked not only with regular students, but also with special needs students, including those with ADHD syndrome or children with various of physical difficulties and disabilities. In course of her work, Osnat noticed that body disorganization in many cases resulted in low self-esteem image that had ultimately prevented children from succeeding in their studies and achieving academic degrees. She came to understanding that in order to help older children, one has to start from birth, and she started to look for a field that deals with the sensory-motor development.

After receiving warm recommendations for Dr. Chava Shelhav and her method called Child'Space, she began her studies at the training program at Assaf Harofeh Hospital and in 2011 she graduated as a Child'Space practitioner.

While studying Child'Space, Osnat decided to start the Feldenkrais training program, and in 2014 she graduated as a Feldenkrais teacher.

During her studies, Osnat began to work with babies at different developmental stages including those with severe developmental delays, and gained extensive experience in this field. In addition, Osnat gave individual and group lessons to youth and adults.

Deep understanding of developmental stages which she acquired in her studies of the Shelhav method, helps her and increases the quality of her work as a Feldenkrais teacher.In 2015 Osnat became an assistant in Child'Space training programs in Israel, under the direction of Yael Appelbaum Calif.

Since 2017 she works as an assistant of Yael AppelbaumCalif at the training program in St. Petersburg.

In 2018, Osnat also completed the Craniosacral Therapy-Upledger training program and received a diploma.

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